Run 5k

9 weeks to your first 5k

Your app has been a constant encouragement on the journey. Took me from nothing to running a 5k. Looking forward to more.


Personalized Voice Coaching

App will alert you, using clear voice, when you need to change pace or when you reach halfway point (plus other configurable options).

GPS Location & Pedometer

It’s always nicer to run outside, where we use GPS to track your speed and distance. If you have iPhone 5s or newer though – you can also run on treadmill using built-in pedometer to track your distance.

Heart Rate Monitor

If you have a heart rate monitor device based on Bluetooth Smart (LE, 4.0), Run 5k will use it effortlessly during the run. You can then compare your pace and HR for each run and as you progress through the program.

Apple Health ready

If you grant access to Apple Health, you can save your workout and heart rate data into it, plus avoid manual input of calorie-related parameters.

Apple Watch

Use the Apple Watch as both remote view (Glance is your friend) and remote controller – start, pause/continue and stop&save your run.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Entire app is usable in both portrait and landscape on any iPhone running iOS 8.

Today Widget

If you run with your iPhone in pocket and want to check your progress from time to time – this is for you. Real-time running info accessible from lock screen.

Animated Run View

Real-time visual feedback of your current pace, distance and heart rate (if you have using compatible HRM). Best used when iPhone is worn using an arm band.

Clear Progress Overview

Easy to see current progress and what’s ahead. For upcoming runs, you’ll see the description; for past runs you will see the most important details: distance covered, average and max pace (or speed).

Extensive Details

Examine important details of each run - follow the pace/speed changes, heart rate rhythm, how much calories you burned and see the map of the entire run.

Run with Music

Works great with any music or podcast app you already use. App will fade-out the music volume when pace changes are spoken and fade-in afterwards.

Share Achievements

Brag about your progress on Facebook, Twitter and more.

Made for Modern iOS

Built from ground-up for modern iOS user interface, with lots of custom animations that help make the app a joy to use.

Press Kit

Interested in writing a review? Download the press kit here and contact us for further information.

Free to try

Run 5k is free to try – you get first two weeks (6 runs) free. After that, there’s one-time in-app purchase to unlock full program.

Or – you can buy the paid app, called Go 5k (with blue icon on the right), it’s the same app.

I like the heart rate feature because it really helps to tell you if you are getting better at running.

App Store customer


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iPhone screenshots

Apple Watch screenshots

Of all the 5K apps I like this one the best. Very user friendly, easy to read.

App Store customer