Run 5k for watchOS 2 is no go

Quite a few months ago, I announced that next version of Run 5k will feature exciting stuff: full watchOS 2 support, ability to use heart rate sensor on it, run without the iPhone etc.

Well…hard news : not going to happen. At least not for now.

This is a very hard post for me to write, as I have invested about two months working on this update. It’s still not fully and properly done, but it’s usable as beta and I had a good fortune of quite a lot of you interested to try it out. Read on →

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Keeping my head above water

When I was making plans to update Run 5k for the watchOS 2, my initial intent was to simply add support for heart sensor on Apple Watch and pretty much leave the rest of the app as it was. It’s pretty good as it is, with some platform-specific issues on the watch side which I expected to be resolved by simply having the app be standalone.

Doing the work though, I realized this will not really be possible. I need to re-write watch app from scratch and significantly update iOS app to properly support the running with watch as main device (more on that later).

Thus a major announcement: Run 5k v6.0 with support for iOS 9 and watchOS 2 will require Apple Health and require both Core Location and Motion. Read on →

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Much improved Run 5k Apple Watch app

Pheew. What an intense month this was, which resulted in almost entirely rewritten Apple Watch app for Run 5k.

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Run 5k is Apple Watch ready

If you are one of the few lucky ones that would get your Apple Watch delivered on Apr 24th, you can start your Spring training in style with Run 5k, ver 5.0, which is available worldwide as free update on the App Store.

I have built the app to utilize the Watch in the best way possible: it works as both remote display and remote controller. The following video shows the iOS and Watch app working in sync.

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How to get the most from Pinterest’s organic app installs

App Store and Pinterest just launched great new avenue for driving organic app installation. In the Pinterest iOS app, when the pin’s URL is leading to one of App Store’s app pages, you will see the Install button at the very top.

You can create a pin through the App Store app, by simply sharing to Pinterest. However, your big graphic in the middle would be just the icon, which may not be the best choice for a pin. Pins work best when accompanied with visually rich image.

The trick to get lovely screenshot is to pin from the web page. For example, for my Run 5k app, you browse to

then tap the Pinterest browser button and then will be able to choose the screenshot you want. (Spending time to prepare awesome screenshots pays its dividend here).

I am really happy to see this, as Pinterest audience is made of people preferring quality and good apps will shine there. Please do follow me on Pinterest.

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