Banca for iOS 8

convert all currencies

Banca is smart, fast, customizable, and more importantly drop-dead simple. Currency conversions don't get easier.


Instant conversion

Conversion happens as you type, to multiple currencies at the same time. Exchange rates are automatically refreshed on each app start.

All world currencies

Banca supports every (non-obsolete) currency in the world – see full list of supported currencies.

Today widget for iOS 8

Banca installs wonderfully useful today widget for quick glance at the rates, with no need to open the main app.

Landscape support

On iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Banca will work in landscape mode too, with keypad on the side. Just perfect.

Travel friendly

Banca uses your location to automatically include the currency for the country you are in. No fuss, works like magic.


Banca works both online and offline modes. Offline uses rates downloaded from the last online session.


Integrated simple calculator support four basic operations, that you can slide-off if you don’t need it.


Banca is available in 9 languages covering 90% of the world: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.

Custom themes

Customize the font, text size and colors as you prefer. Go light and dark, depending on the day.

iCloud enabled

All the settings, order of currencies, values…all is sync automatically between all your devices.

...elegant design. There’s no overdone glossiness, no shiny elements. The design compliments the function.


Tap on the screenshots to enlarge them (tap again to make them smaller).

iPhone screenshots

iPad screenshots

If you’ve got any foreign travel planned in the near future, Banca should be on your iPhone.