About us

We are focused on beautiful and efficient iPhone and iPad applications that satisfy certain need in the best way possible. We believe that application people build for themselves are the best apps in their respective category.

We have built a diverse team of people specializing in each aspect of mobile development. With over a decade-long background in both graphic and web design, you can be sure that aesthetic quality of our apps is impeccable, on-par with their functionality. Form with function – they are one.

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Aleksandar Vacić


Worked in web industry since ’94. climbing the ladder from personal sites up to the enterprise level, before moving to iPhone development. Writes an English and Serbian blog.

Currently teaching a course on iOS development in Swift 3, at iOS Akademija in Belgrade.

Married to beautiful Ana, with Aleksa and Časlav bringing the most joyous moments in a day.

Very active and opinionated on Twitter, as @aleksandarvacic (Serbian) and @radiantav (English).

Public speaking

VoxxedDays Belgrade, Sep 2016

Fresh Cup of iOS 10
Sep 29th 2016, Belgrade, Serbia • (slides in English, video in English)

Mobile Growth Meetup, Jan 2016

Where to Focus to Grow your iOS app
Jan 26th 2016, Belgrade, Serbia • (slides in English)

VoxxedDays Belgrade, Oct 2015

Keynote worthy Apple Watch apps
Oct 2nd 2015, Belgrade, Serbia • (slides in English, video in English)

iOS Meetup, Apr 2015

Lessons learned from App Store as marketplace
Apr 9th 2015, Belgrade, Serbia • (slides in Serbian)

BizIT 2014

Apple App Store, from Serbia
May 14th 2014, Belgrade, Serbia • (slides, in Serbian)

Blogomanija 2013

Mobile app biz, in Serbia
Nov 30th 2013, Kopaonik, Serbia • (slides, in Serbian)

wwvrsac 2013

Mobile app biz, in Serbia
Nov 2nd 2013, Vršac, Serbia • (slides, in Serbian)

Mobile Monday Serbia #002

Development of iPhone apps from Serbia
Mar 28th 2011, Belgrade, Serbia • (slides, in Serbian)