Privacy Policy


App collects and stores your location and heart rate data – if you specifically allow it to do that – only on the device where you have ran and uses them to measure speed and distance, display the track map etc.
If you specifically allow it, app will also write your workout and heart rate data into Apple Health app.

You can turn on/off all of these features at any time.
We do not copy the said data anywhere nor do anything stupid with it.

Your data is your data, we don’t need it.


Do you track and store my location at any time?

Yes. The location tracking is active only during the run, so we can measure your covered distance and the speed and later show you the tracking map.

Apart from that, location is not tracked.

Do you copy my data to iCloud, some other cloud..?

No. All of it stays on the original device.

Do you collect and store my address book, name, email and other personal data?


Are you tracking anything else in your app?


We collect certain anonymous data that help us improve our app. For example, if the app crashes for some reason, technical data about the crash are indirectly sent to us. This helps us figure out what the problem was and how to correct it. We have no idea who of our customers actually had an issue – it’s sent as anonymous report.

Is my usage used for advertising or some other 3rd party purpose in any way?

No. We don’t show ads in the app, we do not resell the data as we do not collect anything that could be used for such purposes.

Anything else..?

No. Seriously, we don’t care. We just want you to find the app usable and worthwhile, whoever you are.

Take care and enjoy the running.