Pedometer-based distance tracking added to Run 5k

For as long as Run 5k existed, there are few questions I kept being asked. One of them is:

Can I use this app on treadmill?

Until few days ago, all my answers would start with ”Yes, but…“ and I proceed to explain that voice coaching works anywhere, but unless you run outside with location tracking on, that’s all you get. Speed, distance, calorie calculations, maps – all that required GPS-based tracking.

Well, I have great news now. :)

Run 4.1, already available worldwide on the app store, now offers pedometer based running if you are using iPhone 5s, 6 or 6 Plus. Those iPhones have special chip – Apple named them M7 (iPhone 5s) and M8 (iPhone 6, 6 Plus) – dedicated to keep track of your motion activity. In combination with features available in iOS 8, this gave me ability to finally offer pretty precise distance and thus also speed tracking (which then enabled calorie calculations as well). Read on →

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AppSanta bag of excellent apps

Radiant Tap is very proud to be part of AppSanta promotion during the Christmas 2014 period.

AppSanta is amazing collection of award-winning apps made by independent developers, all offered for up to 60% OFF! This is a rare chance to get high quality apps for more affordable prices than usual.

The AppSanta’s bag of goodies includes Go Couch to 5k and the Convertica bundle of Banca and Unitica converters – both available for $1.99, down from the usual $4.99.

Hurry up over to AppSanta to check out the full list of apps – the offer will be valid until few days after Christmas.

Don’t forget that you can also gift the apps to your friends and family: tap the share button on the App Store page and choose the Gift option.

Happy Holidays to all!

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Make the most out of Run 5k’s widget in iOS 8

While I have spent great deal of dev time on the Run 5k’s running view, I almost never see it. :) I usually run with the iPhone in my pocket and only see that screen during actual races, when I wear an armband.

During the training runs, I fish out my iPhone from time to time to check the stats. This is horribly troublesome to do – while you continue running – when you also have a passcode. Sweaty palms equals failing TouchID on iPhone 5s, so I need to swipe, type in passcode and check the numbers.

With iOS 8, this is all gone and I can just swipe down to reveal the Notification Center. If you are not running, it shows last session and the next session. Tap either of them and you are catapulted straight into the app, to the proper screen.

Best showcased using short video:

During the run though, it will show you a replica of the running view. If you are interested only in one parameter – say only the pace – tap that row and see only that row and the progress bar.

And once the run is done, widget will show you beautiful finish flag – tap it to open the run and save the final run details. That’s very important, must do it so the data in the app and the widget are all in-sync.

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Heart Rate Monitor support in Run 5k

HRM is one of those nice-to-have features in a running app like Run 5k. It’s not required to do the run, but it sure is very useful and worth the money. In this post I’ll try to explain what are the benefits and what models you should seek out if you don’t already have one.

Which one to buy

First of all, the technical requirements: Run 5k support Bluetooth 4.0-based HRM devices. This version of Bluetooth is also called Low Energy (BTLE) or Bluetooth Smart. These devices are made to offer very long battery time (spanning months, possibly even years) and thus is the reason why iOS supports them that much. The upcoming ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ main communication is also based on BTLE. It’s really good and power-efficient communication platform for short-range devices.

I personally use Wahoo BlueHR which I bought few years ago and it still works very nice, with just one battery change so far. Wahoo does not longer makes this – they now have new model called Tickr which can only be better than the previous model. For Run 5k, the cheapest model (called just Tickr) is enough. Another well-thought off model is Polar H7. I’m sure there are others that would work fine, just make sure they are BTLE based and you are good to go.


The main benefit of the HRM is that it’s the best indicator of how your overal fitness and running shape is improving. Since in each week of the program you are doing more or less identical distances, if you run with the same pace, your average heart rate should be more or less consistent over the runs. As you become more fit, you will be – over time – able to maintain the same pace with less effort and thus lower average HR.

HR is also a good indicator to show your physician in case you have medical concerns. If your HRM spikes from time to time, you should seek medical advice. Run 5k is designed to slowly increase your fitness thus your HR will be higher than during your normal daily activities, but it should not have spikes – it should rise up to (more or less) same levels across your jog and walk intervals. Jog intervals will naturally have slightly higher HR.

When you are looking at the running chart, it should be something like this:

You can also tap and hold on the chart, then slide your finger over the chart and you will see specific values at that moment at the top.

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Run 5k - the best Couch to 5k running iPhone app

Formerly known as “Try Couch to 5k”, Run 5k is now available on the App Store. Just few hours it was approved, editors included it among “best new apps” on the store’s front page.

This is huge update. Previous version was built with iOS 6 in mind and this one is a whole new app. It requires iOS 8 and includes the following improvements and new features.

  • Entire app works in both portrait and landscape orientation
  • New, more informative, helpful and encouraging voice coaching
  • New, perfectly clear plan progress display
  • New bar charts showing plan progress, weekly overview
  • New animated maps display, showing your track with distance milestones
  • New detailed charts which allow you to examine the correlation between the pace and heart rate
  • New, redesigned running view, with the clear large numbers, easy to see during the run
  • Light and dark theme, with automatic switch between them, based on iPhone screen brightness
  • Added support for Apple Health
  • Features Today widget for Notification Center
  • Full support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Run 5k is free to try for the first two weeks with $4.99 one-time payment to unlock entire program. Please see the minisite for more details and demo video.

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