Run 5k is Apple Watch ready

If you are one of the few lucky ones that would get your Apple Watch delivered on Apr 24th, you can start your Spring training in style with Run 5k, ver 5.0, which is available worldwide as free update on the App Store.

I have built the app to utilize the Watch in the best way possible: it works as both remote display and remote controller. The following video shows the iOS and Watch app working in sync.

From the Watch, you can see basic details of your last run, total summary of the entire plan so far and also a beautiful animated rendition of your progress, highlighting the next session to do.

Ready to run? Force-touch the watch and tap the menu button. You can even choose what you want to use for the tracking (GPS or pedometer).

Watch will display the time left in each stint as well as overall progress in beautifully rendered custom rings. This data is available in the glance as well.

One swipe away and you will see specific details, like distance, speed (or pace) and heart rate, if you have compatible HRM. At the moment, 3rd party Watch apps do not have access to heart rate sensor on the watch itself – as soon as Apple allows that, Run 5k will support it.

At any point during the run you can pause and continue, or stop and save the session. Looking forward to hear comments from you about the Watch app.

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