Pedometer-based distance tracking added to Run 5k

For as long as Run 5k existed, there are few questions I kept being asked. One of them is:

Can I use this app on treadmill?

Until few days ago, all my answers would start with ”Yes, but…“ and I proceed to explain that voice coaching works anywhere, but unless you run outside with location tracking on, that’s all you get. Speed, distance, calorie calculations, maps – all that required GPS-based tracking.

Well, I have great news now. :)

Run 4.1, already available worldwide on the app store, now offers pedometer based running if you are using iPhone 5s, 6 or 6 Plus. Those iPhones have special chip – Apple named them M7 (iPhone 5s) and M8 (iPhone 6, 6 Plus) – dedicated to keep track of your motion activity. In combination with features available in iOS 8, this gave me ability to finally offer pretty precise distance and thus also speed tracking (which then enabled calorie calculations as well).

It can’t be easier to use this feature: if your iPhone has the said chip, on the run preview screen you will have the ability to choose do you want to use GPS (which is still default) or Pedometer.

Everything else works the same as usual – you simply enjoy some nice music along the way. No more excuses people – you can now run during the winter as well and prepare yourself for the spring races. Treadmill or indoor tracks, as you prefer.

Getting off the couch with Run 5k is perfect choice for new year resolution, which App Store editors recognized and featured us in the New Year, New You editorial.

2015 is shaping up to be a great year!

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