Much improved Run 5k Apple Watch app

Pheew. What an intense month this was, which resulted in almost entirely rewritten Apple Watch app for Run 5k.

There was always a difference in development and testing between working in the iOS Simulator and using the actual device, but I have never seen such a big gap between simulation and the real world case. The original Watch app I developed worked great in the Simulator and transfered data back and forth as needed. In reality though…

When I got my Apple Watch, I needed just few rounds around the block to realize just how much work I have yet to do. The connection is fragile and Watch OS is really agressive in kicking unused app from memory, which did not jive that well with Run 5k’s desire to keep current state of the run data in sync. Thus new version features new sync mechanism that makes sure Watch display is updated properly, at all times.
I hope that you will all like it and put it to good use, which will make all the effort worhtwhile.

As always, version 5.1 is free upgrade.

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