How to get the most from Pinterest’s organic app installs

App Store and Pinterest just launched great new avenue for driving organic app installation. In the Pinterest iOS app, when the pin’s URL is leading to one of App Store’s app pages, you will see the Install button at the very top.

You can create a pin through the App Store app, by simply sharing to Pinterest. However, your big graphic in the middle would be just the icon, which may not be the best choice for a pin. Pins work best when accompanied with visually rich image.

The trick to get lovely screenshot is to pin from the web page. For example, for my Run 5k app, you browse to

then tap the Pinterest browser button and then will be able to choose the screenshot you want. (Spending time to prepare awesome screenshots pays its dividend here).

I am really happy to see this, as Pinterest audience is made of people preferring quality and good apps will shine there. Please do follow me on Pinterest.

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