Run 5k - the best Couch to 5k running iPhone app

Formerly known as “Try Couch to 5k”, Run 5k is now available on the App Store. Just few hours it was approved, editors included it among “best new apps” on the store’s front page.

This is huge update. Previous version was built with iOS 6 in mind and this one is a whole new app. It requires iOS 8 and includes the following improvements and new features.

  • Entire app works in both portrait and landscape orientation
  • New, more informative, helpful and encouraging voice coaching
  • New, perfectly clear plan progress display
  • New bar charts showing plan progress, weekly overview
  • New animated maps display, showing your track with distance milestones
  • New detailed charts which allow you to examine the correlation between the pace and heart rate
  • New, redesigned running view, with the clear large numbers, easy to see during the run
  • Light and dark theme, with automatic switch between them, based on iPhone screen brightness
  • Added support for Apple Health
  • Features Today widget for Notification Center
  • Full support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Run 5k is free to try for the first two weeks with $4.99 one-time payment to unlock entire program. Please see the minisite for more details and demo video.

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