Make the most out of Run 5k’s widget in iOS 8

While I have spent great deal of dev time on the Run 5k’s running view, I almost never see it. :) I usually run with the iPhone in my pocket and only see that screen during actual races, when I wear an armband.

During the training runs, I fish out my iPhone from time to time to check the stats. This is horribly troublesome to do – while you continue running – when you also have a passcode. Sweaty palms equals failing TouchID on iPhone 5s, so I need to swipe, type in passcode and check the numbers.

With iOS 8, this is all gone and I can just swipe down to reveal the Notification Center. If you are not running, it shows last session and the next session. Tap either of them and you are catapulted straight into the app, to the proper screen.

Best showcased using short video:

During the run though, it will show you a replica of the running view. If you are interested only in one parameter – say only the pace – tap that row and see only that row and the progress bar.

And once the run is done, widget will show you beautiful finish flag – tap it to open the run and save the final run details. That’s very important, must do it so the data in the app and the widget are all in-sync.

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