iOS 8 updates

iOS 8 is live and it’s really, really awesome. I totally recommend it to anyone using iOS 7 at the moment. There are so much new stuff to play with, that the possible level of quality apps is now very, very high. Much respect to all at Apple who made this possible over last several years.

Live version of Couch to 5k app is still an over-a-year-old v3. The UI and features you see on the minisite here is what’s already ready in v4. However, this update is not live, for two reasons:

  • minor issues that triggered app review rejection
  • need to wait until Apple resolves HealthKit issues on their end

ETA, at best: mid October.

Banca and Unitica were both recently updated, but I’m not stopping there. There are awesome things in works, with multiple extension points for both apps. So far, I have not seen that any of the competing apps have implemented an extension like the one I’m working on. Can’t wait to publish this.

Banca is first in line, followed by Unitica. ETA: early October for Banca, early November for Unitica.

And there’s a suprise that should already be on the Store – Convertica bundle that includes both apps for about 30% OFF the regular price. If you already have one of the apps, you can complete the bundle for a fraction of the price.

Note: all upcoming updates will be iOS 8 only – thus don’t hesitate to update your devices to iOS 8.

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