Improved widget in Banca 6.1

New version of Banca received high praise, both from customers and the media – thanks all! It means a lot to continue working on it. First update is already on its way to review, with few notable fixes and new features.

First – iCloud sync is fixed. Apple changed the way some underlying APIs in iOS 8 and I missed to notice this in time. The effect was that Banca thinks that iCloud is turned off thus does nothing – neither reads nor writes to it. This is hopefully corrected for good, in 6.1.

Second – the much praised pasteboard functionality in the widget will work even more reliably in 6.1 with better detections of the boundaries of the currency string. In previous version, widget would pickup what looks like a currency value inside a larger continuous stream of characters – say those weird YouTube URLs. Thus you would copy/paste such URL and when later opening the Notification Center suddenly see 7 Guatemala Quetzal (GTQ) appears out of nowhere in Banca widget. :) This will work better in 6.1.

Third – a new feature: double-tap the source value and you will see a short list of few typical numbers – 100, 200, 500 – plus last copied value. Plus Banca will now remember that you changed this, thus next time you open the widget that chosen value will stay unless you copied something new into the pasteboard, in the meantime. This is much harder to explain in words than to show in app :).

I have updated the preview video to showcase all that.

Keep the good feedback coming. :)

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