Banca's Today widget for iOS 8

As I write this, Banca v6 is “in review” at Apple. The app is fully updated for iOS 8 and supports new iPhones in the best way suitable for their expanded screens. On iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Banca now supports landscape with the keypad on the side.

“Landscape support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus”

The true star of this release is the Today widget, which is best showcased using the video:

There’s a whole host of functionality under this beatiful interface. By default, widget will use 100 as the source value and source and target currency are the last one you used in the main app.

“Collapsed state of the widget”

Tap the arrow at the bottom to expand the widget and you will see more currencies. More importantly, tap any currency on the left and it will become new source currency.

Tap any value on the right and it’s copied to pasteboard, ready to be pasted into any other app, email, text message.

But the best yet: say you see a foreign currency value on some website and want to know how much is in your money – then select it (you don’t have to be precise) and open the widget. It will parse the string, extract both the currency (if possible) and the value and automatically use them as source and do the conversion.

Magic. It can’t be easier.

Download Banca on the App Store – this is a free update for all customers.

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