AppSanta bag of excellent apps

Radiant Tap is very proud to be part of AppSanta promotion during the Christmas 2014 period.

AppSanta is amazing collection of award-winning apps made by independent developers, all offered for up to 60% OFF! This is a rare chance to get high quality apps for more affordable prices than usual.

The AppSanta’s bag of goodies includes Go Couch to 5k and the Convertica bundle of Banca and Unitica converters – both available for $1.99, down from the usual $4.99.

Hurry up over to AppSanta to check out the full list of apps – the offer will be valid until few days after Christmas.

Don’t forget that you can also gift the apps to your friends and family: tap the share button on the App Store page and choose the Gift option.

Happy Holidays to all!

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