Banca for iOS 7

Banca – my currency converter app – was originally done with iOS 5 in mind. It’s the app with which I tried all kinds of business models, but ultimately found that for utilities like this, only one thing works: an affordable paid app.

“Wonderful new UI with warm colors”

Banca 4 is almost a complete rewrite – more than 90% of the code is new. The main functionality has also changed for the better – Banca now automatically converts to all the chosen currencies, at once. It’s very easy to manage the currencies.

Application is sporting entirely new UI and new icon, in line with iOS 7 guidelines. I knew that this would a bad thing for some people, but there was clearly no choice; old UI and all the themes were 110% skeuomorphic, something that new iOS left in the dust.

I did my best to apply the new motion stuff with care and subtle touch. Springy animations are used where applicable and only if they don’t hinder the speed and usability of the app.

But above all, I’m most proud of the custom new keyboard. It’s adaptable little thing – you can swipe out the calculator keypad if you don’t need it and just as easily bring it back when you do. I prefer to not use the calculator which gives me nice big keys to tap on.

See the demo video, it’s the best way to feel what it’s like apart from actually using it. Trust me – screenshots don’t do it justice.

Banca for iOS 7 is free update for existing customers or $1.99 for new ones. No launch promotion, no sales of any kind – that’s the price I’m sticking with and I believe it’s more than worth it.

It’s available worldwide, so go get it and let me know what you think. Good feedback is always welcome – some wonderful suggestions are already implemented for 4.1.

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