Banca 4.2, or - how I continue to search for my iOS 7 voice

As I write this, Banca 4.2 is in review. This update is result of feedback I received from Apple designers (I asked for it), both directly or at the recent Tech Talks, in Berlin.

The main change is visual. Fonts are larger than before and I took the opportunity to use Helvetica Neue Light, more white space and much stronger colors. The background line that depicts the current pair of currencies is removed, as it made no sense – Banca automatically converts to all the currencies in the opposite column, thus this pair represents nothing special.

“Fresher look, with more white space”

Further, when you choose source currency, that currency is removed from the opposite column, as X to X conversion is a waste of space.

The source currency is now always vertically centered, with or without the keyboard. Previously it was fixed to one row below the top, but this created less than optimal layout on iPhone 4 and 4S. This new layout makes for more pleasant experience on all devices.

In earlier version, keyboard dismissal happened when you scroll any of the columns. In practice though, over extended usage, this proved to be irritating due to accidental scrolls. In 4.2, to dismiss the keyboard you need to swipe down, over the keys. This is more natural and I tried to emphasize this with small 3-line graphic at the top of the keyboard, the same I do to hint at horizontal swipe for collapsing the calculator part.

“A hint that you can dismiss the keyboard by swiping down over it”

Lastly, I simplified the search for new currency. There is no need to choose the scope – wether you’re searching country or currency names – now simply type and the app will filter per both, as well as currency code.

All this is shown in the updated video. To celebrate New Year, Banca is on sale for $0.99 – grab it now.

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