Automatic currency population in Banca 4.1

This morning, I released Banca 4.1. There are few new features and several important bug fixes.

New features

  • Banca uses your location to automatically add the currency for the country you’re currently in – great for frequent travelers
  • Use long-press (tap and hold) on the delete key to clear all digits
  • New support option: watch demo video inside the app

Of those, I think that automatic currency population is the most worthwhile. Whenever you start the app, Banca will get your location and figure out in what country you are in. If the currency for that country is not in the list, it will be automatically added – a great new feature for frequent travelers. Your location is used exclusively for the described functionality, nothing else.

This feature is added through customer suggestions, thus if you have cool ideas, please contact us.

Bug fixes

4.1 also brings fixes for the following bugs:

  • decimal numbers are not recognizes if decimal separator is not “.”
  • when removing currencies, Remove button sometimes appear half-drawn
  • swiping back the calculator keypad is not working when app is installed on the iPad
  • country list in the “add new currency” view appears empty in rare situations
  • in rare cases, “NaN” might appear instead of the number
  • very rare crash due to invalid conversion rate data

Lastly, if you like the app, please take some few minutes to leave a review on the App Store. You can find the appropriate link in the Support page inside the app.

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