New social sharing features in Go Couch to 5k: dailymile, Facebook, Twitter and more

Last major new feature for Go Couch to 5k 2.0 is completed and app is now entering final rounds of testing. If no significant bugs are found, it will be posted for App Store approval this week. With that, it’s now time to talk about more about it. I’ll start with this last feature and that is sharing your results.

Previous version already had ability to share your best pace to Twitter or Facebook. In 2.0, sharing options are greatly expanded. As before, sharing is available from the run view, so you can brag about your results as soon you’re done running or you can do it afterwards, when reviewing run details. Icon for the sharing is changed to (more or less) official icon:

The share panel is greatly enhanced:

You can choose do you want to share the best pace or the distance covered. Below that, you see the main new addition: ability to share full details of your workout to, one of the most prolific running communities on the web.


I wanted to add dailymile integration for ages, ever since I saw one of these gorgeous infographics website can automatically generate for you (I found that linked graphic through random search).

Once you tap the dailymile button, you will see this screen

Here you can edit the message shown, choose how you felt during the run and decide do you want to post the track as well. In essence, you can post full details of the workout in just two taps: one to choose the “felt” and then tap “Post”. Everything else is pre-populated and sent automatically. Easy-peasy.

You are not forced to send the run on the day you did it – you can do it at any time; Go Couch to 5k will send the correct date of the run as can be seen from my dailymile profile.

Facebook and Twitter and…

As before, Facebook and Twitter integration are present and are updated to latest APIs they provide. Twitter integration is using iOS 5 Twitter framework thus make sure you have your accounts predefined (through Settings app). Facebook integration is using their single-sign-on, so if you have Facebook iOS app installed, you will not have to login again, it will pick up the login credentials from there.

If you tap the “more…” button at the bottom, you will see additional ways to share your run details, through either SMS text (or iMessage, depending whom you’re texting) and also through email.

We did all we could to make the sharing as easy as possible and least time-consuming and we hope you will like it and use it often.

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