Full time

PSA: Radiant Tap is now my full time, day job, however you call it. Awesomely good feeling. :)

This change has been a long time coming, but I encountered many unexpected obstacles on that road. Luckily, things are looking up. I resigned my previous job at GTECH Belgrade in January and I have few paperwork to complete yet. Once that’s done, the developer trademark name in App Store will finally change from code•aplus to Radiant Tap.

On the development side, first fruits of this change are already in the store. FastContact was developed this winter to address an iOS shortcoming (no caller ID recognition for certain phone numbers in Serbia). I use this app several times a week and it was well worth the work.

A work is underway to update all of the running apps to newer, modern code. Run Mate, Go Couch to 5k and Guerrilla Cardio will all be updated to the same engine but the biggest change will surprise Run Mate customers in upcoming months. Next up after that is Quickie.

It’s worth repeating here a tweet posted few months ago on our Twitter account: all future major releases will require iOS 5 as minimum. There are so many possibilities coming up from this. However, I am aware that some owners of Run Mate or Quickie may still have iPhone 3G or even original iPhone – the app versions you have will continue working. For all others – owners of iPhones 3GS / 4 / 4S and newer iPod touches – please upgrade as soon as you can.

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