FastContact - awesomely fast contacts search

On March 9th, we launch our new app, called FastContact. This app is prime example of the simple and effective apps Radiant Tap makes. It’s purpose is to search the address book – all of it, any meaningful field of data – and do it instantly (or very near to that). This kind of apps is not something you will use every day, but when you need it needs to be fast and precise and not require too much fiddling. That’s the goal we had in mind when designing the interface and interactions for FastContact.

For example, you might need this to quickly look up someone’s contact details during a phone call. Just start it and type few numbers or letters and it will give you the results back. No need to set filters, choose what to search and similar cruft – type in and pick from the results. Each additional character further filters down the results.

Or you might have received a phone-call or text message from someone and iPhone has not recognized the number format and did not display the name. Type-in any part of the number and you will find out who it was.

Clear and readable layout

And the best yet – if you copy the text you want to look-up in another app, just switching back to FastContact will automatically search for it. No need to paste, it does that automatically. The copy/paste functionality is limited to 20 characters; this is to prevent needless searching if for example you have copied contents of an email or some note for use with another app.

FastContact is open to integration with other apps. It uses fastcontact:// URL scheme, thus other apps can choose to offer a helpful service, like “Look-up with FastContact”. We are open to suggestions from developers on integration features – ping us up if you have an interesting idea.

FastContact is available world-wide (from March 9th) for a starting price of just $0.99 (or equivalent in your store) and it will go up to $2.99 after first few weeks. Thus don’t waste time and get it up. We are certain you will find it very, very useful.

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