Banca is free for a day

In cooperation with AppGratis, our wonderful currency converter – Banca – is free for a day or so (depending on your time zone). Don’t hesitate and go get it, it’s an awesome app.

A little bit of brag: Banca is No. 1 Free app in France, surpassing even the Angry Birds Space Free. :)

Angry, what? :)

It has a lot of success all over the world, looking pretty in Top 10 Finance charts.

Banca in App Store charts, at 20:48 CET

We hope everyone like the app and leave a good review. We also welcome suggestions for future improvements.

UPDATE (Jul 3rd, 2012): Banca is now permanently free. Enjoy :)

UPDATE (Aug 16, 2012): Permanently is a strong word. Khm.

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