Banca 3.0 brings 4 new themes

We have just released a major new version of Banca. It brings 4 new themes as in-app purchase options, $.99 each.

”Four distinct new themes“

Just tap the new star button on the main screen and rest is (hopefully) obvious. You can easily switch between the themes, as you see fit. For example, black theme is perfect for night time use while Gray Gill (a personal favorite) is great for the day.

This version better handles initial data load – Banca 3.0 will try to detect what is your local currency and automatically add it to the list of initial currencies. Sound toggling on/off is improved and there is a new option to disable auto-update of the rates if you wish to do so.

Of course, there are the usual bug fixes, which are mostly minor issues.

I really hope you will like the new themes and buy at least one. I tried to make one for each taste, so we’ll see how successful I was. :)

Download now from the App Store, worldwide, if you haven’t already.

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