Go Couch to 5k and Guerrilla Cardio updated to 1.5

Based on the feedback coming in the last several weeks, version 1.5 should please a lot of you. :) Most important suggestions are implemented and hopefully no more regression bugs introduced.

  • You can now start any running session in Go Couch to 5k, regardless of the order. Not so in Guerrilla Cardio, since all the sessions are the same, thus no point to enable this in that app.
  • Redesigned overview screen, to reflect the previous change
  • Non-destructive Stop run button: now if you stop the run, the running data up to that point are always saved
  • You can now re-do any session you already attempted and even if you finished it. This goes along nicely with previous change
  • You can skip back and forth between the pace units. This is useful if you want to skip the warm-up part when you have already warmed up and just want to hit it full speed. Make sure that you don’t actually skip warming up, especially before the Cardio runs.

So, there you go, hopefully you’ll like it. Keep the suggestions coming.

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