Banca, beautiful currency converter app is available on the App Store

Launching a new branding and web site would not be complete without new app. Starting late last night (CET timezone) Banca – beautiful currency converter – began its life in public. It took several months to come to satisfactory combination of features, simplicity and look & feel.

The visual style is inherited from previous two apps – Go Couch to 5k and Guerrilla Cardio – and will continue to be developed and fine-tuned in future work.

Main design goal was to simplify multiple conversions as much as possible, between any number of currencies. When I looked at existing currency converters on the App Store (and there are bucket-load of them) most are either converting between two picked currencies or between one picked and a list of others. Thus that is where I looked to take a slightly different angle. Dozens of iterations later, I arrived at the UI in the shipping version.


Initial reviews for the app are very positive.

Preshit Deorukhkar at Beautiful Pixels praises the UI:

All of these [Radiant Tap previous] apps have one thing in common, something that I’m personally a big fan of, and that’s elegant design. There’s no overdone glossiness, no shiny elements. The design compliments the function.

Cody Fink at MacStories is impressed with the UI simplicity:

What impresses me most about Banca is that the one thing it does is pulled off through a simple tap and swipe interface that’s quick to pick up and even quicker to use. Slide the top bar to select the currency you want to convert from (say USD), then the bottom bar to select the currency you want to convert to (probably the Euro).

Both of these reviews touch on the core design aims I had when making the app and this makes me very happy.

Banca is $1.99 until Aug 8th, after which it goes up to $3.99. Feedback is more than welcome, as always.

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