Tales from the app vineyard

I really liked the code·aplus name, I still do. But listening to few English friends saying it, I realized it’s really hard to pronounce as I thought it should sound. It just wasn’t sliding of the tongue.

If you have previously read the About page, you’ll understand all there is to know about the new name. Wine and vineyards are wonderful hobby of mine and when I went looking for a new name, vine-related words quickly gained prominence. Trouble is, most of the good domains using the word ”vine“ were already taken. Hence I went through Wikipedia looking for good synonyms.

Radiant came to me when I was looking through the hundreds of photos from my vineyard — I stumbled on the one you see here and it just clicked. I originally wanted Canopy – it has many meanings, but in this context it refers to part of the vine tree above the ground. However, a simple Tap is more appropriate.

The logo is the work of Miloš Radojević, a talented designer from Serbia. Check out his portfolio on the Genius Logo web site.


The old site will forever be up, it will simply 301-redirect to this one. The emails coming to codeaplus.com will be accepted but responses will go out through the new domain name: radianttap.com.

I took the opportunity to re-do the whole site. The main goal was to make it much more mobile-friendly, enlisting the help of the Less Framework 2. No matter what device you use, from iPhone to 30” desktop display, the site will re-flow to fit the device as best as possible.

Another aim for the new site was to finally make good of my purchase of the Typekit portfolio plan. I adore Adobe’s Myriad Pro font and when Typekit added it to its service, I immediately signed up.

This site is now using Myriad Pro with Light weight as the default for the text. The headers and few other prominent elements use Myriad Pro Semi Condensed, which is a perfect match for it.

For the blog, I customized free WooThemes’ Skeptical theme and as such, the theme may not re-flow properly as the rest of the site, but I hope to remedy this in the future. It’s a great theme though and a great framework that WooThemes have built it on. I have probably also missed to re-design properly parts of the theme, will fix those as I find them.

I hope you will like the new site. And soon we return to what this is all about: great iPhone apps — we have a brand new app currently in ”Waiting for review“ status.

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