Quickie 1.2 is up

Hello. Hallo. Bonjour. Hola. שלום

I hope this above is correct in all the languages that Quickie is now localized: German, French, Spanish and Hebrew. :) There’s also support for my own, Serbian (both in Latin and Cyrillic) but since Serbian is not an official language on the iPhone, it will have to wait until Apple adds it to iPhone OS.

Translation is the main feature of Quickie 1.2. I built Quickie to support localization from the first version and this is just the first fruit of that work. German, French and Spanish translations were done by LocalVersion – major kudos to Toni Rovira for great response times, mostly under a day. Swedish is done by my brother Damir, while Hebrew translation is by Ziv Kitaro, a writer and journalist from Israel. Big thank you to all of them, for the generous help and their time and effort.

Quickie icon

The new icon is the most obvious visual change. I’m pretty happy how it turned out, I hope you will like it too.

One of earliest requests was for the application badge. I was thinking how to do it, since there’s room only for one number. One option was to add up all the to-do items in all lists and show that; I quickly gave up on this, it would not make much sense if you have one week-long list and one for the day. Thus I decided to use the number of to-do items in the top most list. That would probably be the most urgent/important list to you, so it makes sense to use it. Re-ordering lists is easy, in case you want to change which list is connected with the application badge.

Minor improvements: UI is refined, buttons are re-drawn, a list with no t0-dos left is grayed out a bit.

Please note that while Quickie is now localized into 4 more languages, I don’t speak any of them. Thus if you write to me, please do so in English or Serbian. As usual, comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

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