Quickie 1.1

This version was a bit longer in the making than I initially intended. I was brainstorming the road map and what I wanted to do and when, thus after some code tests I switched priorities. This version is first fruit of re-thinking of the road map.

First, you can now add multiple items to existing list at once, in the same way as when initially creating the list – using separate multi-line input field. When in items view, tap Edit then the + button in the top bar and type in. I was contemplating other solutions but in testing they proved to be counter-intuitive and surprising. This solution adds to the consistency of the interface, which I value greatly.

Second, you can now re-order both items and lists. This was originally planned for later versions, but I switched gears due to UI changes and features got moved up a bit. This is primary reason why I never publish road maps for my apps. Things that seem easy when outlined can turn out to be quite a challenge and could actively prevent the releases.

Third, in-app help is gone. Quickie is very simple and that icon was taking space that can be used better. More important is that help text, as the single largest body of text, was actively stopping the internationalization process. Apart from the help, the Quickie UI has about 20 words and short phrases – help section was like 20x that. So it’s gone and translations are coming in.

I intended to ship 1.1 with at least 2-3 translations, but decided to leave them for future, as I did not want to postpone the 1.1 anymore. Once first translations are in, you can expect 1.1.x in the updates.

Forth, the green check-mark for done item is now on the left. I really liked the left/right split, as it clearly separated the done and to-be-done items. However, with such layout, there was no place to put additional stuff I want to implement; I tried all UI layouts I could think of, nothing worked satisfactory. Thus, change. The space on the right is now free and will be used for a lot of stuff soon.

Fifth__, audio cues are changed. Hopefully for the better. :)

Sixth, the UI widgets are re-visited, as they were few pixels larger than regular iPhone OS widgets. The interface is also polished a bit and extraneous movement of the items when entering/exiting edit mode is removed and whole experience is better. Widgets now slide in and out while the text stays in place.

I hope you’ll like the changes; please let me know in either the comments or through Feedback page.This is by no means an end, there are quite a bit more useful additions already in the works.

A review on the App Store page for Quickie is also very welcome. ;)

P.S. Quickie got great review on Smoking Apples. Very happy.

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