Newsflash - RunMate 1.3, first iPad app and more

I’m so busy here with the development stuff that can hardly find time to update the blog. Thus will write down some short news, to keep you all in loop.

Run Mate 1.3

Run Mate 1.3 is out on the store for a week or so. It features two new programs included, tailor-made for people that have never, ever run before. You can now set a difficulty level for each program. Program level is shown with an icon in front of program and all its sessions.

The great new feature are completion checkmarks. Those new icons have another use – once you complete the session, it will automatically be check-marked so you can easily track your progress.

More settings are added – you can now turn off voice alerts for sequence repeats and finishes, leaving only pace changes announced.

Our first iPad app

Did you notice all the frenzy in tech press around the April Fools Day? code·aplus has an app right from the start — Animated Mood Lamp. It’s a simple application, showing great animation, best experienced in dark rooms. It also doubles up as a really large map/flashlight when you need one, with the choice of thousands of colors. I hope you will like it – when you get your iPad, please write back how it runs as I don’t know yet when I’ll be able to get an iPad for myself. :)


Quickie is not forgotten, 1.3 version is almost complete and will feature some nice improvements. Stay tuned.

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