Guerrilla Cardio iPhone app is released

Oh, so happy. The app we worked on for a long time is finally out on sale.

Guerrilla Cardio implements the best known HIIT training program developed by Ph.D. Izumi Tabata and his colleagues from National Institute of Health & Nutrition in Tokyo, Japan. This is ”the ideal“ aerobics training protocol and Guerrilla Cardio makes it easy to follow and complete the program.

Real-time speed updates during the run

This is challenging program, aimed at people in good shape who want to get rid off that stubborn belly and/or thigh fat. This is possibly the best known high impulse interval training (HIIT) program ever made.

App features are designed to motivate you to improve through-out the program:

  • near real-time speed and distance tracking
  • animated display of pace changes
  • automatic highlight of the maximum achieved speed during the run
  • full run history with extensive details about each run
  • plot of the each run on Google Maps
  • voice feedback during the run
  • ability to choose music inside the app, even construct a playlist just before the run
  • share the best pace on Twitter and Facebook

Program overview shows the best pace – it challenges you to beat it

We invested a lot of thought and time into this app and can’t wait to hear from you. Don’t forget to read more on the app page.

It’s available now on the App Store, worldwide for $2.99.

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