Version 1.2 is live on the store

Actually it’s 1.2.1, since quickly after getting 1.2 live, I got a report of the serious issue in 1.2 (it occurs when you create entirely new program or session), so 1.2.1 was quickly submitted.

One small new feature is the ability to prevent the screen lock during the run. So if you like to visually check your progress, turn this feature on in the main iPhone Settings app.

Voice and sound alerts toggles

The main new feature is ability to independently toggle voice and sound alerts. You can do this:

Setting options for all sessions or sequences

  • for one sequence
  • all sequences in particular session
  • all session in program
  • all programs

This feature is also handy to setup your preferred defaults before creating new items.

There’s only one sound alert in the app – it’s that ping sound at the end of each pace interval. Voice alerts are various spoken cues during the run. Important distinction is that sound alerts are mixed with the background music – they don’t interrupt the music. Voice cues however pause the music while they are on then continue playing it when done. If you prefer to not have the music interrupted, turn off the voice alerts and leave the pings on and you’re good to go.

New edit sequence screen

On the other hand, if you use carefully crafted music background, like music mix prepared for HIIT type of training, you’ll probably want to turn both off and use your music changes as cues.

Along with this, cooperation with iPod is thoroughly re-tested and improved, as well as interruptions like phone calls. Application will pause when you answer the phone and continue when it’ over.

Google Analytics

This feature is useful only for us here. :)

This allow us to anonymously track the way Run Mate is used and plan the features, possibly spot problems etc. This tracking will not interfere  with the way app works and you’ll not even notice it. If for any reason you don’t want this to be on, it’s easy to turn it off, again through the Settings app.

With hope you’ll put Run Mate to good use, wish you good weather and clean tracks.

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