Updates, updates

Today is the 24th day since I sent Run Mate 1.1 to Apple for approval. It’s still not published, obviously. I asked Apple, they told me it’s “taking unexpected additional time for review”, will let me know when status updates etc. Whatever that means, I can only wait.

In the meantime I have completed the feature set of the 1.2 version and I’m tweaking the UI, not really satisfied with what I have now – too cluttered, too easy to make a mistake and change you might regret as user of the application. That’s all general regular work.

Main issue I have is that enduring this long wait times is really hard and discouraging. I can’t possibly send 1.2 for approval until 1.1 is live. Then I need to wait at least few weeks after 1.1 is live, in case there’re bugs and issues I missed, so I can include them in 1.2. And that means that anyone actually having issues could potentially wait over a month for a fix – unless he/she contacts me and I give him ad-hoc build to install (this is an option, please contact me if you have serious problems running the app).

So, I have not forgotten you nor abandoned the app. Things are largely out of my control here and can only further test my patience with the App Store. Hoping for good news in the following days…

Update: 1.1 is approved on 30th day. Feedback more than welcome

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