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Apple really surprised me with very fast approval rate lately. Run Mate’s 1.2.2 update was approved in 2 working days and the same happened with new to-do kid on the store – Quickie. It’s already on the App Store, getting some nice reviews in its first days.

What Quickie does

Quickie is to-do application, made for people who occasionally need to quickly write down a list of things to do, checked them off one by one as being done and forget about it. This kind of ad-hoc lists is usually done in a hurry, of the top of one’s head.

Take this for example, a take away list of food to get for the office co-workers or for friends who dropped in to watch a movie or football game.

Creating new list

This can be typed in 30s – you don’t really want to spend any more time on this.

So the fast entry is paramount and Quickie delivers – list of things in Quickie is created by typing the list name, followed by items, each on separate line. No back and forth through multiple screens, no picking items from endless lists – just type what you need. I often just type-in shorthands for the things I need, not full names. Here’s the usual shopping list

  • br
  • che
  • yog
  • milk
  • apl
  • ora

which translates to bread, cheese, yogurt, milk, apples, oranges. On tapping Save, this text is instantly transformed into list of items ready to checked off.

List items, instantly ready to be checked off

Don’t worry if your forget something – adding items is just as easy and quick. Tap Edit and type-in new item, directly in the list.

Adding new items

Convenience and fast entry again – no need to go to another screen to enter the name, just type directly in the list. If you need to add multiple items, tap the green + icon and new placeholder will show up. Keep repeating that and you can add several entries as fast as you can type.

More goodies to come

Quickie’s development is driven by my needs so far and there’s already few new features planned for the future. I would really like to hear what you need. Few suggestions from beta testers are already in development for one of the next versions. Let me know what would you like to see in the comments, or through this Feedback form.

All suggestions will be considered, taking into account the basic Quickie premise – simplicity and speed. Give Quickie a go through the App Store. Or watch the demo first on Quickie pages (where you can find more screenshots) and then decide. I’m sure you’ll find it useful.

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