Blog is up, welcome

code·aplus finally has blog. It took me longer than I expected to push it up, but starting a micro-ISV is far from easy. :)

This has been an interesting week, to say the least, with each day of the week my sleep time was around 4am. Main reason was that Run Mate went on sale on the App Store last Sunday, while I have not yet finished the web site. Thus 24 full hours of working later I had a passable site live. if you have visited the site in the last several days, you could see the design coming along, day by day, to its current form.

At the same time, I needed to get the word out. Contacting blogs, review sites — that took a lot of time, just doing the research. Opened an account with which does press release distribution – great service, very quick. Writing a good press release is seriously hard job — it took an entire day of writing, re-writing, editing and re-editing to get to the point of being acceptable.

At the same time, the sales took off. This was really surprising as I did not expect any, until I get the word out. But the very first day Run Mate sold few dozen copies! Big thank you to all of you who bought the app, you made those long nights more than worthwhile.

And with sales comes feedback, with some really good feature suggestions. Feature request list is growing steadily, along with work progressing on the 1.1 version. Keep the feedback coming, either here in the comments or through the feedback form.

I’ll write more, when 1.1 enters beta stage.

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