Best App Ever Awards 2009

People at are organizing this year’s Best App Ever Awards, in as much as 55 categories, tripling what’s available in the App Store. The way it works is that any app can be nominated, by anyone, in the appropriate category. And then you can second the nomination by visiting the appropriate URLs.

Editing sequence in Run Mate

I first heard about the competition through this post by Dan Grigsby of the Mobile Orchard fame, when I started reading blogs again after finishing initial Quickie development.


I nominated Quickie in the Best Productivity Enhancer category and Run Mate in the Best Outdoor Use App category. These are the links for nominations:

Quickie nomination Run Mate nomination

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Since its inception in July, Run Mate is still (to the best of my knowledge) the only running trainer app that allows you to fully customize your running plan and individual sessions. As such, I can say — with no faked modesty — it’s a welcome change in the sea of similar apps that offer hard-coded single plans. With the planned feature upgrades in the next several months, I aim for the Best running app on the store, period.

Lists view in Quickie

Quickie on the other hand is as simple as simple can go. Combining beautiful interface with simple and fast execution, Quickie is (again) a welcome refresh in the sea of GTD-monster apps. Experience tells me that most people don’t need full GTD productivity and only need a simple list of items that can be checked off and possibly an alert (n.b. alerting feature is coming in future upgrade). Quickie is a young app, but already indispensable in my daily routine – I built it because I needed it. I’m certain there’s a bunch of people that would also find it extremely useful.

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